How similar are we?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

How similar are we to Satan?
There is a place by the coast of the Mediterranean Sea where the people go to pray at the walls wearing tiny skull-caps.They believe that the walls are ears to God in Heaven, due to very tiny brains under their skull-caps, for them to ask forgiveness for their ill-doings.They are also given extra-ordinary spotlights and special attention in the world media and even privileges from a super-power country in the west and the rest of the world.What is real logic that one understands from their beliefs is that when you pray to a non-living thing a wall of stone, in time your heart will become like stone.This is because you can never interact with a non-living thing, thus you become heartless and what creature that God creates that have no heart that is not an ANIMAL kind, is non other than SATAN! So we tell this country and its people that they can all go DAMNED TO HELL!

How similar with Santa Claus?
In Christian belief, Santa Claus throws gifts out from his gift-sacks on every Christmas Day to make his believers happy.There is similarity when people say that you will never know what GOD wants to give.And the word Santa has the same letters as Satan?!

How similar with the Chinese funeral custom?
At the Chinese funeral, the believers will burn a bonfire of every materialistic pleasures from this world to send to Heaven so that the deceased spirit will live in comforts thereafter.

How similar with the beggars?
That you do not bathe every morning to make yourself smell fresh and clean to receive all the good things and good lifes like civil status, positions, wealths all these years.Yet you still pray to have more and go to Heaven when you are never clean, wearing torn or worn-out designer labelled fashionwears, whilst HEAVEN will only accept total cleanliness of everyone's HEART!!!

How similar with Warehouse Distributors?
You can see frequent signs like Sales Offer, Clearing Sales, Storewide Discounts, All Items To Clear put up the whole year.People will come in waves, not to lose out and grab every opportunities to get these items so Cheap.

How similar that GOD...
In Heaven, made everything with the latest upgrades, latest features, with the latest patch and new versions. So HE gave to Santa Claus and all the Beggars in this world as redundant stocks, useless stocks, outdated versions and karung guni scraps.As for the Chinese, HE throws down back to earth saying, "Stupid, idiot, smelly, bloody need that for yourselves!"